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Report: The Burden of Chronic Diseases in Ontario

Key Estimates to Support Efforts in Prevention

The Burden of Chronic Diseases in Ontario report provides data and evidence to support health system planning, and policy and program development for chronic disease prevention in Ontario. This report was produced jointly by CCO and Public Health Ontario.

The chronic diseases discussed are:

  • cancers
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • chronic lower respiratory diseases
  • diabetes

The risk factors are:

  • tobacco smoking
  • alcohol consumption
  • physical inactivity
  • unhealthy eating


  • Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in Ontario. They are costly to treat and are preventable.
  • The main modifiable risk factors for chronic diseases are common. Over half of people in Ontario have 2 or more risk factors and few have no risk factors.
  • The economic costs in Ontario attributable to the risk factors for chronic diseases are significant.
  • Some populations in Ontario have a disproportionate burden of chronic diseases and prevalence of chronic disease risk factors, including Indigenous peoples in Ontario, people with low socioeconomic status and people with poor mental health.