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2018 Human Touch Award Nominations

We are proud to recognize exemplary and compassionate patient care by healthcare professionals, providers and volunteers in the kidney and cancer care systems.

Together we will celebrate the value of the Human Touch in the kidney and cancer care systems!

For the past 12 years, the Human Touch Awards have recognized the outstanding work of individuals in the healthcare community. Each year individuals from the community nominate their colleagues for this achievement. We look forward to your support and participation this year.

Preparing Your Nomination

This year we have developed a new online form to make it easier for you to submit your nominations.

Before you begin, we recommend you prepare your nomination ahead of time using one of these guides:

Evaluating the Nominees

Nominees must meet at least two of the criteria in their category. Those who do not will not be considered for the award.

Kidney and Cancer Care Professionals & Providers

  • Provide exemplary, compassionate and person-centred patient care with demonstrable real-life examples
  • Actively participate in or lead programs or initiatives to improve patient experience as well as quality of life, care and/or knowledge
  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership in their area of work by acting as a role model for others
  • Help to improve access to services, including responding to the diverse needs of patients
  • Make a sustained contribution by going above and beyond the expectations and responsibilities of their health professional role

Kidney and Cancer Care Volunteers

Note: Only individuals who offer their time without remuneration will qualify as a volunteer. More information about how volunteers are determined is available in the nomination process guide.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to care through exceptional volunteer work that enhances the quality of life and/or access to care for patients
  • Work to improve the patient experience at any stage in their care by demonstrating creativity and innovation in their volunteer contributions, beyond that which would be expected of volunteers in their organization
  • Have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and/or the healthcare professionals who treat them

While long service is commendable, the Human Touch Awards are not dependent on duration of service but instead the extent of the nominee’s contributions to patients and patient care.