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Patients are at the centre of everything we do at CCO. The insights we gain through our partnership with patients and families both inform and inspire us. They strengthen our efforts to keep improving the cancer and renal systems for patients and families just like you.

Our patient and family advisors and public advisors share their unique perspectives with us. This deepens our understanding of patient, caregiver and screening participant experiences and needs across Ontario’s healthcare system.

Patient and Family Advisors

Our patient and family advisors are patients, family members and caregivers with a range of experiences in Ontario’s cancer and renal systems.

Patient and family advisors contribute by:

  • sharing personal healthcare experiences across a variety of mediums and forums
  • providing insight into patient interests, needs and backgrounds beyond their own experience
  • providing input and making recommendations based on their experience in the healthcare system
  • helping us achieve clarity on discussion topics and meeting objectives
  • bringing a positive attitude to their contributions, and participating in areas of work based on their interests

They participate in a number of ways, including:

  • providing direct input into policies, programs and practices that affect patient care and services
  • participating on provincial program committees, working groups and project teams that span care provided across Ontario
  • membership on a Patient and Family Advisory Council, which advise on the direction and content of strategies and system-level initiatives that directly affect Ontarians

Public Advisors

Our public advisors are people who have participated in Ontario’s cancer screening programs. They help shape recommendations to improve the cancer screening experience based on their own personal insights and experiences.

Public advisors contribute in many of the same ways as patient and family advisors, but their input relates to their experiences with cancer screening rather than other aspects of the cancer system.

In a busy work day filled with opinions from hospital executives, government officials, healthcare staff and physicians, the Patient and Family Advisors provide us with a sober second thought – so we can get it right the first time. 

Garth Matheson, VP of Planning and Regional Programs, CCO