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Occupational Cancer Research Centre

The Occupational Cancer Research Centre is an applied research program for the study and prevention of cancers caused by work. The centre has an extensive network of provincial and national research collaborators. It partners with stakeholders in government, labour, industry, workplace health and safety, and cancer prevention groups to identify and reduce exposures to workplace carcinogens.

The main goal of the centre’s research program is to build scientific knowledge of occupational cancer through 3 broad categories of research:

  • Surveillance research to identify the industries, occupations and workers most at risk of occupational cancer
  • Epidemiologic research to better understand the occupational causes of cancer
  • Prevention research to identify the most effective, context-sensitive interventions that reduce exposure to workplace carcinogens

The centre also helps train a new generation of occupational cancer researchers.

The Occupational Cancer Research Centre is jointly funded by Cancer Care Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Canadian Cancer Society. It was created through collaboration with the United Steelworkers. Initial 5-year funding was also provided by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Housed at Cancer Care Ontario, the centre is led by a scientific director and supported by a stakeholder-based steering committee.

To learn more, visit the Occupational Cancer Research Centre website.