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Ontario Renal Network Organization

The Ontario Renal Network connects and coordinates a network of Regional Renal Programs across the province.


Provincial Leadership

Provincial Medical Leads are change agents that lead one or more priorities within the Ontario Renal Plan. They also act in an advisory role in other portfolios to improve collaboration and communication. Together, the leads promote Ontario Renal Network strategic priorities across the greater medical community. They do this by:


  • ensuring clinical expertise is included in all key decision-making
  • building partnerships with healthcare stakeholders
  • identifying how change might be carried out within Ontario
  • using performance measurement and management strategies


Regional Leadership

Regional Medical Leads and Regional Directors work together within each of the 14 regions, which are based in the Local Health Integration Networks. Together, they represent the 26 Regional Renal Programs in Ontario. The regional leadership model helps meet Ontario Renal Network priorities by:


  • monitoring and managing program performance by meeting regularly with each Regional Renal Program
  • collaborating and sharing best-practices through regular meetings with provincial and regional leadership
  • implementing local Ontario Renal Plan priorities through Integrated Renal Program Councils


To read more about the provincial and regional medical leads, visit the Ontario Renal Network website.