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Research Office

The Research Office facilitates research activities across the organization. It provides corporate-wide services to support the CCO research community scientists and programs with the research process. 

The knowledge generated by CCO scientists and research staff can then be translated into innovations to help improve healthcare in Ontario. 

Strategic Objectives

  • Implement and evaluate a strategic research plan for CCO

  • Offer research services including help navigating the research process (legal, financial, privacy, data access and publishing)
  • Foster relationships with partners for funding opportunities and research collaborations
  • Build a foundation for research at CCO and with the research community by offering knowledge translation and exchange activities, knowledge mobilization and maintaining the online CCO Library


Research Office services include:

  • help navigating the CCO research process, including legal, finance, data access, protocols, publishing, funding opportunities, and partnerships or collaborations
  • knowledge transfer and exchange activities
  • library services through the CCO Library, an online resource for our staff to peer-reviewed scientific literature 

Some of our specific services are described below.

Research Rounds

Research Rounds are monthly opportunities to connect with the research community at CCO. Attendees meet CCO colleagues and research partners to learn more about our research and related activities.

2019 Research Rounds
Date Speaker
January 21, 2019 Nicole Mittmann
Chief Research Officer (CCO)
February 11, 2019 Jill Tinmouth
ColonCancerCheck (Prevention & Cancer Control, Cancer Care Ontario)
Laura Senese
Indigenous Cancer Control Unit (Prevention & Cancer Control, Cancer Care Ontario)
March 18, 2019 Marko Simunovic
Hamilton Health Sciences Centre 
April 8, 2019 Cancelled
May 13, 2019 Christopher Longo
McMaster University
June 17, 2019 Edward Chow
Sunnybrook Research Institute
July 15, 2019 Olivia Meggetto & Jessica Moffatt
Program Design, Cancer Screening (Prevention & Cancer Control, Cancer Care Ontario)
August 19, 2019 Sarah Wheeler
Research & Evaluation (Planning & Regional Programs, Cancer Care Ontario)
September 23, 2019 Antonio Finelli
University Health Network
October 21, 2019 Minh Do
Occupational Cancer Research Centre (Prevention & Cancer Control, Cancer Care Ontario)
November 18, 2019 Kelvin Chan
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
December 18, 2019 Prithwish De
Surveillance, Cancer Registry and Research Office (Analytics & Informatics, Cancer Care Ontario)

Dates and speakers are subject to change.

CCO Research Day

This annual meeting provides opportunities  for people with an interest in CCO research to: 

  • connect with CCO’s research community and partners
  • learn about leading research at CCO
  • meet CCO-supported scientists and colleagues
  • discuss research issues
  • view posters showcasing research from across CCO

View agenda and presented abstracts from CCO Research Day 2019: Research and Actionable Insights at CCO.

Research Navigation

The Research Office helps scientists and research staff navigate CCO’s research process. CCO is home to many research projects and programs, as well as population-level datasets. The Research Office can provide guidance on:

  • the research process at CCO (including finance, legal and privacy)
  • upcoming competitions, funding opportunities or grant applications (including letters-of-support)
  • agreements for host institutions, data sharing and funding arrangements
  • publication guidance
  • research partnerships and collaborations with people outside of CCO
  • available datasets and how to access them
  • developing customized research protocols

CCO Library

This online resource provides CCO staff with access to peer-reviewed scientific literature (journal holdings, e-books, publications) and library services (including literature searches, training and workshops on search strategies).

For more information about library resources and services, email the CCO Library.

Student Listing

The Research Office maintains a listing of student preceptorship, internship and practicum opportunities with universities across Ontario. We can help you find students with certain specialties, such as policy, statistics and system planning. 

If you are a student seeking practicum opportunities at CCO, please see Careers for available student positions.

Contact the Research Office

To be added to CCO’s Research Rounds mailing list, find students, get help navigating the CCO research process, or ask questions about research at CCO, email the Research Office.