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Submit Data

CCO collects health system data to help healthcare providers and patients make better-informed treatment decisions and navigate more easily through the healthcare system. 

The data is submitted to CCO by healthcare providers and organizations across the province. We use the information to:

  • plan and fund healthcare services · develop evidence-based guidelines
  • monitor and manage the performance of the cancer and renal care systems
  • help reduce wait times for cancer, surgery, diagnostic and emergency room services
  • enable our health system partners to continually improve the delivery of care

Types of Data Collected

CCO collects and maintains a large body of data about healthcare in Ontario related to 3 main areas: cancer, chronic kidney disease and access to care. This includes:

  • wait times for cancer services, surgery, diagnostic imaging, emergency rooms
  • surgical efficiency
  • alternate level of care
  • cancer incidence and mortality
  • risk factors for chronic disease
  • quality measures for cancer and kidney care
  • chronic kidney disease incidence and mortality
  • health system performance

A full list of our data holdings is available on the Open Data Directive page.