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Indications for PET Scans

This page provides a high-level overview of indications funded through the PET Scans Ontario Program. Find funded indications and their requisition forms by disease site.

Download a complete list of PET Scans Ontario indications.

As with all testing, other criteria may also affect an individual patient’s eligibility. Contact your PET centre of choice for more information.

Scans for some indications may not be available at all PET centres. Contact PET Scans Ontario (1-877-473-8411 ) or your PET centre of choice if you have questions.

Indications refer to 18F-Fluourodeoxyglucose (FDG)-PET scanning, unless otherwise specified.

For Ontario patients who may benefit from a PET scan, but do not meet the eligibility criteria to receive a PET scan for one of the listed indications, referring physicians may wish to apply for a PET scan for their patient through the PET Access Program.

PET Access Program Request Form

For Ontario patients who require a PET scan in another province, referring physicians must apply for a PET scan for their patients through the Out-of-Province PET Access Program.

Out-of-Province PET Access Program Request Form

For more information, see PET Scanning in Ontario.

This page will be updated as new indications become available, please check back periodically.