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Blog Posts for Culture & Careers

Culture & Careers

Why volunteering with CCO is part of my clinical practice

CCO Blog Team
CCO works with hundreds of volunteer clinicians, including physicians, nurses, radiation therapists, social workers and many more. They participate in working ...
Nov 21, 2018
Culture & Careers

Claudia Zanchetta: Diving into data at CCO

CCO Blog Team
When she's not immersed in data, CCO's Claudia Zanchetta can be found diving into the depths of the ocean – sometimes as far down as 35 metres.CCO's Claudia ...
Sep 19, 2018
Anna M. Chiarelli, Paul Demers, Jenna Evans
Culture & Careers

Expert insights: How 3 researchers are helping to improve healthcare

CCO Blog Team
For more than 70 years, research has been critical to helping CCO fulfil its mandate.Our focus is on research that matters – to patients, to healthcare providers ...
Apr 24, 2018
Zeinab El-Masri, Senior Specialist, Knowledge Dissemination & Evaluation, with CCO's Surveillance & Cancer Registry.
Culture & Careers

Employee profile: Zeinab El-Masri serves up healthcare knowledge

CCO Blog Team
Imagine you are planning a dinner party. Before you crack open the recipe books or buy groceries, you need to know how many guests are attending and who they are. ...
Mar 20, 2018
Culture & Careers

Patient advisor Gordon V: "Cancer is the great unifier"

CCO Blog Team
Cancer presents many challenges to patients and their families, the most difficult of which vary from individual to individual. For Gordon V., the worst moment was ...
Feb 2, 2018
Marc Hebert
Culture & Careers

Employee profile: Marc Hebert takes it one step at a time

For Marc Hebert, whether assessing the complex healthcare needs of a First Nations community or preparing for a hike in the Smoky Mountains, his approach is the ...
Nov 6, 2017